How to Attract Men

If you’re here, you’ve gone through a lot of articles telling you how to attract men. When I was single, I did the same thing. I needed help – I didn’t know what men liked. And of course, after Googling “how to attract men,” I was even more confused than before. 

Be mysterious, but not too mysterious. Sit openly. Be open, but don’t act desperate. Don’t text him right away, let him chase you. Be forward and take charge. Tilt your head and slowly bite your bottom lip while giving a devilish smile. 

 What? What am I? A circus clown? And the list never ended. It was exhausting. And, let’s be honest, I tried the tactics they were giving me. Sure, some worked (kinda), but most didn’t. There I was, even more lost than before. However, I found the tactic to attract men, good men. 

How to Attract Men

Be yourself. 

Yes. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Everyone around you is trying to find the right formula to find a good partner. Everyone is on show, trying to convince other people that they’re the right choice.

But you don’t develop a genuine connection with someone when you’re putting on a show. And while certain tactics may work – flipping your hair to the side and exposing your neck, lightly touching their arm while smiling, or wearing a tight dress with heels – this doesn’t lead to a life-long connection with a man. 

You are good enough. You are worthy of love just as you are. And this is something you need to understand and accept. Not because I’m telling you this, but because it’s true. The only way you will meet someone you truly connect with is by being yourself and believing that you are enough. 

Not only will you open yourself up to connecting with others, but you will have a connection with yourself that cannot be broken. Through the connection with yourself, you will be able to engage in genuine conversations with others. 

We tend to assume that when it comes to attracting men, we need to show them all the qualities that men will like. The qualities that validate us as women/men. While that may work for meaningless encounters, it won’t work in the long-run.

The biggest turn on for men is a woman who is confident and independent. What does that mean? It’s a woman who believes in herself and is focused on building a genuine connection with others.

If you’re someone who’s constantly encountering men who aren’t interested in connection, you need to ask yourself,  am I good enough as I am? Answer this truthfully to yourself because your answer reflects your ability to have a genuine connection with a man. 

Drop the act. Stop pretending to be someone you’re not. Stop pretending to be someone you think a man will want. If there’s no connection, don’t go on a second date. Understand your value, what you want, who you are, and be yourself. 

If dating writing has taught me anything, it’s that the best way to attract a man is by being you. The real you.


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