Should I Block My Ex On Social Media?

Unfollowing isn't going the full way. But blocking is. Now if you've been asking yourself, should I block my ex on social media, keep reading.

Should I block my ex on social media or not block them, that is the question.

I get this question a lot. And it’s a question I’ve ever asked myself. After a breakup, there comes this moment when you think to yourself, should I block my ex on social media? 

And most of us don’t do it. We want to check up on them, we want to see if they’ve moved on – and when you block them, you can’t do that. 

Sure, you may have unfollowed them, but we all know that unless their profile is private, you can still see what they’re doing. Unfollowing isn’t going the full way. But blocking is. 

Now if you’ve been asking yourself, should I block my ex on social media, keep reading.

Why can’t you block your ex from social media?

If you’re struggling to block your ex from social media, it’s time to ask yourself why?

Why can’t you take that step? Well, there are a couple of reasons why you’re holding yourself back from moving on.

You want to see they’re miserable

Most of us want to see our exes struggle after the breakup. We want to see they’re hurting and having a hard time moving on. It strokes our ego – having your ex miss you is an ego boost. 

You want to take the “high road”

You want to show your ex that you’re the bigger person, that you don’t need to be petty to move on. And by blocking them, you’re showing them that you’re struggling with the breakup.

You don’t want to hurt their feelings

Maybe the breakup wasn’t so bad. You don’t want to hurt their feelings by blocking them.

These are all valid reasons, but none of them are serving you. Instead, they’re preventing you from moving on from your ex. If anything, you stay obsessed over your ex.

It wasn’t until I blocked my ex that I could genuinely move on. Before blocking him, I was constantly checking his profile, seeing which girls he was hanging out with – and the crazy part is that I didn’t want to be with him! I just wanted to know if he was suffering like I was; I also wanted him to want me. 

I placed my self-esteem in his hands. And he didn’t even know it. I gave him the power by not allowing myself to move on. Instead, I would spend hours stalking him on social media, preventing myself from healing from the breakup and move on.

The smartest thing to do after a breakup is to unfollow your ex on all social media platforms. 

But what about blocking your ex on social media?

If you aren’t creeping your ex on social media after unfollowing them, then you don’t necessarily have to block them. But here’s when to block your sex on social media:

Your ex uses their social media to hurt you

Your ex is posting or commenting inappropriately through social media to get an emotional reaction from you. And you’re falling for it. My ex would comment rudely on photos of my current partner and me, so I blocked him. I will not allow him to emotionally control me.

You communicate with your ex via social media

You like their posts, comment on photos, and message them privately or vice versa. You’re trying to move on, yet there’s still communication between you two. If you want to move on, you need space away from your ex to reflect and grow.

Seeing their social media affects your mental health

When you see their posts or comments, you feel bad. Seeing them on social media doesn’t support your mental health. And if that’s the case, you need to block them so you can heal.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t an easy move to make for anyone, even for myself and I’m a self help writer. But you need to decide to move on and put the power back into your hands. Why let your ex control your life? Unfollowing or blocking your ex isn’t easy – it’s an extremely hard move to make. But do you know what’s even harder? Putting your emotional and mental health in the hands of someone else.

Will your ex be offended when you block them? Maybe, but who cares? That’s an emotional process they’ll need to explore on their own. You’re doing this to take care of your mental health and future. 


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