How to Move Past a Bad Date and Keep Dating

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There's no doubt that going on a bad date sucks and it can discourage you. But I'm here to teach you how to move past a bad date and keep dating.

I don’t even want to tell you how many bad dates I’ve been on. Let’s just say a lot. But did I let that keep me down? No. Instead, I learned how to move past a bad date and keep dating (and so should you).

We tend to think that after going on a couple of dates, we’ll meet “the one.” That’s wishful thinking.

Not to say that doesn’t happen, but you’re trying to find your life partner. Did you really think it would happen overnight?

Dating is about getting to know someone you’ve never met before, seeing if they have the potential to become a long-term partner. So, it takes time.

I remember coming home from bad dates, thinking that I would never find my partner and that my best bet was to rescue a bunch of dogs and buy a farm (which I still want to do btw).

There’s no doubt that going on a bad date sucks and it can discourage you. But I’m here to teach you how to move past a bad date and keep dating.

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How to Move Past a Bad Date and Keep Dating

Like I said before, the dating world can be a harsh one. But you need to remember that your goal is to find a long-term partner. So, that means in the process, you’re going to go on some dates that, yeah, are bad.

But it’s time you saw a bad date as just that, a bad date. So, here’s how to move past a bad date and keep dating.

Don’t blame yourself

Yeah, you had a bad date. Does that make you the worst person in the world? No.

Here’s the thing, you’re not going to have chemistry with every single person you date. And if that was the case, then it’s best you know now that this person is not for you. Save yourself time.

What lesson can you learn from it?

Stepping back from the bad date and reflecting on it, what lesson can you take from it?

Is there something you can do to prevent this from happening in the future? Or was it just bad chemistry?

Whatever it may be, take some time to think about the date and how you can improve yourself from it. It’s all about growth, baby!

Get back on the dating horse

You had a bad date, but you also remember having good dates, right? Of course, if you’re having bad date after bad date, then maybe it’s time to do a little self-reflection. 

Why do you keep choosing people that aren’t aligned with you? What is it that attracts you to them? Why aren’t you saying no?

But, if this is just a random bad date, then get back up on the horse and keep riding. Dating is supposed to be a fun experience and this one date shouldn’t stop you from having fun.

Follow your gut instinct

Be honest with yourself, did you really want to go on this date? Or did something inside of you say, I don’t think this is the guy? 

Many times we often push aside our gut instinct in hopes of finding “the one.” But don’t do that. 

If you’re not feeling the person, don’t push to keep seeing them. If you feel uncomfortable, follow that feeling.

Final Thoughts

Even though I’m in the world of dating writing, I’ve been on my fair share of bad dates. Why do you think I became a dating writer? I just have to share my experience and knowledge with you guys!

If you’ve been on a bad date, do not let it reflect on who you are or your goals. A bad date is just a bad date.


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