Long Distance Relationship: Worth The Risk?

Whenever you commit to a relationship, you're going into it with the intention for it to last. You have feelings for that person, you invest time and energy into the relationship, so you want a positive outcome. Yet, there's always a risk that the relationship will end.

On my YouTube channel, I get the occasional comment from someone saying, “oh, don’t get involved in a long distance relationship. The odds are it won’t last.” And I always find that an interesting comment, so I respond, why?

After enough back and forth, you understand that most people see long distance relationships as a serious risk and one that will fail

Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say long distance relationships are easy – they’re not. If you’re someone who’s interested in meeting new people and having fun, I wouldn’t commit time and energy into a long distance relationship because the odds are you’re not ready for that right now and that’s okay. 

However, I beg the question, aren’t all relationships a risk?

Whenever you commit to a relationship, you’re going into it with the intention for it to last. You have feelings for that person, you invest time and energy into the relationship, so you want a positive outcome. Yet, there’s always a risk that the relationship will end. 

Yet, you take the risk. 

Is a Long Distance Relationship Worth the Risk?

Yes and no. Why such a vague answer? Because we’re all different. 

If you and your partner are on the same page, have the ability to communicate and share a common goal (which should be closing the gap), then a long distance relationship is totally worth it. 

You two see the potential of this relationship becoming something serious. So, even if the relationship doesn’t work out, it’s worth the risk.

It’s not worth the risk if you’re not ready for this type of commitment or aren’t interested in making sacrifices for your relationship. This also goes for your partner as well. If they don’t want to visit you or vice versa, then this is a sign that you two aren’t fully invested in the relationship. 

5 Signs Your Long-Distance Relationship is Worth the Risk

If you’re still reading this, you probably are invested into this person and want to know the signs you’re long distance relationship is worth it. 

While I will give you some signs, you need to remember that you’re the only one who really knows your relationship. 

#1 You share the same end goal

The end goal for long distance relationships is clear: to close the gap. If you and your partner don’t have this goal in mind, then this relationship will idle. 

Your goal isn’t to be apart forever; it’s to work towards being together in the same space. If you’re both actively working towards this, it shows you’re both invested.

#2 There’s no pressure

You don’t feel pressure to talk or see each other. While you two do make plans to spend time together, there’s not this pressure of having to do it. 

You work towards spending time together because you want to, not out of fear or pressure of the relationship ending. In other words, your desire to see each other is natural.

#3 You feel a part of their family

Even though you two are in a long distance relationship, when you’re with your partner’s friends and family (and vice versa), you feel included and welcomed. 

You’re building relationships with the people they love and feel a part of their community. Not only does this help strengthen the relationship, but it shows a level of commitment.

#4 You two are working together

You’re not the only one initiating phone calls, date night and travel plans. Rather, you two are working together to find ways to spend time and see each other. 

It’s a joint effort. This shows not only commitment but teamwork to make the relationship last.

#5 You still value your time apart

Everyone in a relationship needs their alone time, even for those in long distance relationships. 

While you don’t see your partner every day or talk daily, you’re content. You enjoy your time alone and equally enjoy your time with your partner. You don’t feel this need to always talk to them out of fear – there’s comfort in your relationship.

Final thoughts

Is your long distance relationship worth the risk? I can’t answer that question for you, it’s something you discover in counselling relationship. Reflect on your relationship, how it makes you feel, and you’ll find the answer, even if it’s not the answer you’re looking for. 


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