8 Things to Do to Mend Your Heart After the Break-up

Knowing how you react to a break-up is important, but now it’s time to focus on healing your heart after a break-up. And remember, this is a process. Take everything step-by-step and go at a pace that you’re comfortable with. So here are 8 things to do to mend your heart after the breakup.

Give yourself time to feel and grieve

The days following your breakup, feelings are going to come flooding towards you. Let yourself feel them. Cry when you feel the tears coming, yell if you feel like yelling; you need to go through the stages of grief and process the breakup. This isn’t something that you’re going to get over in one day. It’s a process, and you need to give yourself the time to go through it. Everyone is different, and this is your journey. Your feelings exist for a reason; let yourself feel.

Surround yourself with a support system

Make sure that you call a couple of your closest friends or family during this process and let them know what happened. Your friends and family love you—they’re your support system. But unless you tell them, they probably won’t know what’s going on in your life. Please don’t be shy to tell them what happened. Each person you talk to will have their own way of showing support and love.

Be careful with distractions

No one wants to go through the grieving process; this is why you’ll see many people engaging in harmful behavior like drinking or excessive partying. Yes, you can take a break from feeling your emotions, but be careful of what you’re doing to distract yourself. Learning a new language is a good idea, workout, hang out with your friends. But self-destructive activities will only act as a temporary distraction.

Practice mindfulness

When you’re going through a break-up, it’s easy to sink into your feelings. Yes, you should feel yourself, but don’t fall into these feelings and let them become you. If you’re feeling sad, then cry and give yourself an amount of time to sit in that feeling. But once the time is up, you need to stop, wipe your tears, and do something else with your time.

Don’t forget your body

While you’re trying to heal your mind, don’t forget your body. Your mind and body are connected, so treating one will treat the other. Though working out may not sound like fun right now, it can help you feel better. Endorphins are released when you exercise and can help relieve the withdrawal symptoms from the breakup.

Date yourself before dating someone else

Let’s be honest; many of us don’t want to go through the grieving process. So, instead, we’ll pick someone to date as a rebound. But remember, your relationship status doesn’t define you. After a breakup, take the time to date yourself and explore your needs and wants.

Cut off communication with your ex

I saved the best for last. Yes, it’s time for you to cut off communication with your ex. If you want to mend your broken heart, it’s not going to happen while you’re creeping through their social media. Initially, it’s going to be one of the hardest things you’ll do after the break-up, but it’ll be the most liberating you’ll do.

Learning how to mend your heart after a breakup isn’t going to happen overnight. You’re going to go through your ups and downs, but if you follow these tips, it’ll help the process and make you a stronger person at the end of it all. But before anything, it’s time to implement the no-contact rule—Dun, dun, dun.


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