How to Increase Physical Intimacy in Marriage During a Pandemic

If there’s one thing we didn’t expect to happen was the pandemic. For couples around the world, they were confronted with new challenges.

Some couples are navigating their way through spending 24/7 with their partner, while other couples try to maintain their relationship amidst financial stress. The pandemic’s stress has greatly affected their intimacy, so how do you increase physical intimacy in marriage during the pandemic?

Increasing Physical Intimacy in Marriage During a Pandemic

In general, the pandemic isn’t the only thing that causes a sexual roadblock in marriages. Many couples are juggling work and family, which take up a lot of time and energy (I don’t need to tell you that). However, during these special circumstances, here are ways to reignite the spark. 

Being quarantined in a small space with your partner can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare. Tensions are high; you’re worried about your job, the rent, your family, and friends. Not to mention, there’s a mystery virus on top of all of it. But that doesn’t mean your time in isolation with your partner should end up in fights and arguments.

What are your needs?

This isn’t an easy time for anyone. That said, it’s time to reflect on your sex life and see what’s going on. What makes you feel like having sex? What arouses you? Everyone is different, and perhaps you’re not getting what you need to become aroused. 

If you need more foreplay, then talk to your partner and let them know. By understanding what you need to feel sexual, talk with your partner and make those things come to life. 

Talk to your partner

How is your partner feeling in your marriage? Are they feeling sexually satisfied? Marriage isn’t a one-way street; it goes both ways. It’s important, whatever feelings you’re experiencing, to speak with your partner. Let them know how you’ve been feeling, and see how you two can work together to improve your intimacy.

Make an actual effort

I know, you’re probably thinking, I do try. But do you really? Or do you half-ass it? If you’re really putting in an effort to be more intimate with your partner, that’s great. But if you’re not, it’s time to change that. It’s easy to make an excuse for why you don’t want to be intimate, but that doesn’t solve the problem. If your partner initiates a sexual encounter, put effort into it and see where it goes. 

Find your inner sexiness

Oh, you have it inside of you, I know you do. The problem is life got in the way, and you stopped paying attention to yourself. We all have an inner sexiness inside of us. But, to let it shine, it takes work. Start small. 

Instead of wearing bagging underwear to bed, try to sleep nude or in something you feel sexier in. Workout or take a yoga class. Do things that build your self-confidence, and your sexiness will start to come out.

Try to reduce the stress in your life

If there’s one thing that kills your sex life, it’s stress. And when you’re married, there are many factors, internal and external, that cause stress. Your goal is to reduce stress in your life. Not only does it affect your libido, but chronic stress can contribute to serious health conditions. Whether it’s mediation, yoga, or reading a book, take up activities that help you relax.

Do new activities together

Though you’re in a pandemic and may be social-distancing at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t try new things. You can order a board game to play together, do a DIY project, or try baking together. The point is to try something new as a couple. It’ll build intimacy and connection between you two. 

Focus on the small things

Yes, big events are memorable, but they’re not what we pay attention to. It’s those small moments that look insignificant; those are the ones we hold close to our hearts. Surprise your partner with takeout or prepare them a hot bath. It’s those little moments that remind us that we’re loved. 

If you want to increase physical intimacy in a marriage, it’s going to take work. But that doesn’t mean it’s not achievable. If you and your partner both want more intimacy, then work together to make it happen. 


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