8 Must-Read Books About Sexuality & Tantra

Tantra opens the opportunity for people to connect deeply with themselves and their partners. To improve the internal relationship with yourself and with others, you need to explore sexuality, intimacy, and connection. Here are the 8 books I recommend about sexuality and tantra. 

Most people assume dating writing is just articles on the “signs he/she’s interested in you” or “how to get a guy to like you.” And sure, that’s part of it, but there’s much more to it. 

In the dating writing world, there’s something we don’t dive into as much as we should, and that’s authentic intimacy. In a world of chaos and disconnect, it’s easy to have problems and trust issues in a relationship.

However, tantra opens the opportunity for people to connect deeply with themselves and their partners.

To improve the internal relationship with yourself and with others, you need to explore sexuality, intimacy, and connection

Here are the 8 books I recommend about sexuality and tantra. 

Introduction to Tantra, Jonathan Landaw and Philip Glass

What is Tantra? How can you practice is? Who started it? These are probably some questions to have. And before you dive into Tantra, it’s important to know the basics.

This book will give you everything you need to know about Tantra and clear up any misconceptions or questions you have.

Wild Nights, David Deida

“You see, some women want to find a good man to love. Cock to a woman like this is always part of her man, the man who she loves, the man who she opens to God with. They want to open and take cock.

It’s their way of opening to the Great One, of surrendering open and taking the Great One so deep they are lost in worship, gone in the giving of themselves, gone in their love of cock – not of a man as a character, as a husband or boyfriend, but gone in the love of cock itself.”

Wow, what a paragraph to read! If you’re not sucked into the writings of Deida after reading that, you need to read it again!

David Deida goes beyond modern spirituality to show you how to awaken within your relationship.  It’s a must-have book for anyone seeking sexual and spiritual connection with themselves and others.

Urban Tantra, Barbara Carellas

“To much emphasis on orgasm? Orgasm a mistake? Orgasm a problem? In all my years of sex, I have heard orgasm called a lot of things – but a problem? Lack of orgasm – I have certainly heard that described as a problem, but could there really be such a thing as too much orgasm? Not at all! In fact, I think we should spend a whole lot more time focusing on orgasm.

Why? Because orgasm is a profoundly important physical and spiritual experience. Orgasm is the body’s best natural therapy of relieving stress and tension; it is a naturally revisiting and healing experience. Orgasm is our own personal little taste of the Great Cosmic Orgasm that connects us to ALL That Is. How could this possibly be a problem?”

While we may live in a fast-paced world, that doesn’t mean you can’t attain sexual and spiritual connection. Sex educator Barbara Carrellas explores Tantra from a modern sexual perspective, providing techniques to help you achieve sexual fulfillment.

The Power of Shakti, Padma Aon Prakasha

“The inviting of the masculine essence to come deep into you requires that you become totally vulnerable, opening, embracing, surrendering to, and receiving the male essence in its totality.

How deeply do you trust the masculine? When the seven gates are open, you are letting a man deep into your soul and your feminine essence, fully into the womb consciousness, which also has enormous benefits for him.”

Activate your sacred sexual self with the help of Padma Aon Prakasha. His writings focus on igniting the power within both men and women, helping them attain inner peace and wisdom. 

He incorporates forms of Tantra Yoga into his writings, opening 18 energetic pathways of the Shakti Circuit.

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, Margot Anand

“High Sex takes the experience of orgasm to a new dimension – a dimension in which genital orgasm is only the beginning. It inspires you to explore the full capacity of orgasm, culminating in ecstatic body-to-body and soul-to-soul communion. It is an experience of the whole body, the whole being.

The path of High Sex helps your body to be free of tensions, your heart to be trusting and one, and your mind to develop such psychic skills as visualisation, imagination, and meditation.

When this integration has taken place, you are ready for a new, qualitatively higher sexual experience in which physical pleasure becomes a delight of the heart and ecstasy of the spirit.”

This book is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to explore Tantra. 

Margot Anand discusses ways to achieve fulfillment through sacred lovemaking techniques from the east, making them easily available for western readers.

The Magdalen Manuscript, Tome Kenyon and Judi Sion

“Right after orgasm, the magnetic fields generated by the female initiate continues to unsnarl and circulate. This is a time to rest and be with the magnetics, but by nature males tend to either get up and do something, or go to sleep.

So the male initiate must train himself to nest, to allow the magnetics that have been created to spiral into his body.”

While this book includes a bit of religion (as you can tell by the name), the contents are extremely useful in connecting with yourself. The book follows Mary Magdalen’s personal story of her tantric relationship with Yeshua ben Joseph, known as Jesus Christ. 

It’s an interesting read regardless of your religious affiliation. 

Orgasm Unleashed, Eyal Matsliah

“When you see orgasm as the goal, the sex is over when you reach it. If, instead, you see orgasm as more of a continuous state,  you will enable greater pleasure in your body and a better connection with yourself and your partner.

Orgasmic states can lead to higher states of consciousness, an increased ability for manifestation (sex magic!) and, ultimately, dissolution of the ego and union with your higher self, spirit, the universe, God, or however else you like to refer to this realm.”

Eyal Matsliah wrote this book specifically for women who wish to explore their orgasm. It goes step-by-step, helping you experience stronger orgasms and shift your mindset for deeper pleasure.

The Way Of The Superior Man, David Deida

“Whenever you are feeling isolated and weary, feel the present moment as if it were a woman. Feel like you are embracing a woman, physically. Feel the front of your body as if it were pressed against the front of a woman’s naked body, being filled with the delight of her feminine softness and liveliness.

Feel her breasts and belly against you. Breathe deeply as if you were inhaling her intoxicating fragrance. And, while inhaling, receive deeply into your body not just her scent, but the very essence of feminine deliciousness, as if it were nourishing food for your masculine soul.” 

That quote sends shivers (good ones!) up my spine. Read the above quote again, feeling the words. David is a master at tantra and sexuality, and this book is a great starting point if you’re focused on learning the art of loving. 


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