How To Get Over Someone Who Ghosted You

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You went on a date with someone, and it went really well. When you got home, they sent you a text, and you two continued talking for days. Then suddenly, it just stopped. You don’t know what happened. You were texting them like you usually do, and they stopped replying. You’ve just been ghosted.

Maybe they even blocked you. At first, you thought maybe they’re busy, or something happened to their phone (the usual excuses you make for them), but you started to realize that you were actually ghosted.

“I don’t get it why would they ghost me? We just spoke this morning. Why couldn’t they just tell me they’re not interested?” These are rational questions to ask yourself when someone suddenly drops you out of their life without reason. 

Life is a journey and this is just a small part of your story.

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When I was dating, I was ghosted a couple of times, and believe me; it wasn’t a fun experience. At first, I was worried about them; maybe something happened. Oh, but they were alive and well. This happened weeks, sometimes even months into talking with someone.

And it didn’t matter if I really liked them or not, the feeling after discovering I’ve been ghosted was always the same. I was hurt. I was confused. And I was disappointed. 

6 Effective Ways to Get Over Someone Who Ghosted You

So, how do you get over someone who ghosted you? Is there anything you can do to help you move on? Well, the answer is yes. Though being ghosted will hurt, there are some things you can do to help emotionally process what happened.  

Accept and process your feelings

It hurts being ghosted. You can pretend all you like that it doesn’t bother you, but it does, and that’s okay. You are hurt. Maybe you weren’t even sure about them, but you invested time and energy into getting to know them.

You’re not necessarily hurt because of the loss of that person, but because you were disrespected. It hurts and it’s going to hurt. Allow yourself the time to be upset and process the emotions that go with it. 

Be easy on yourself

It’s easy to point the finger at yourself and start looking at all the things you did wrong to make them ghost you. But that’s insane. Even if you did say something offensive, for example, the person can still give you the decency of letting you know the relationship has to come to an end. Show yourself empathy and treat yourself with kindness.

Understand you probably won’t get the closure you want

Okay, so this is something I must emphasize. You’re probably not going to get the closure you want. You’ll talk to your friends about what happened 1000 times, but you’re not going to get the answer. You’ll have to stop looking for an explanation for why they ghosted you.

There are hundreds of possible reasons, and going through each one of them is a waste of your time and energy. They ghosted you, and now it’s time to move on. Now, your focus should be on yourself and looking at the next steps in your life.  

Remove them from your life

The worst thing you can do to yourself is having them still visible in your life. If they ghosted you, that’s their problem. Now, you need to take control of your life and commit to not contacting them. Remove them from your social media, delete their number, and move on.

If you really want to get over someone who ghosted you, you need to cut them off. You can’t creep their social media after they ghosted you – that can’t happen. It’s not fair to yourself. 

Be self-aware of your daily activities

When something like this happens to us, it shook us up. We feel rejected and disrespected, so it’s to slip into harmful behavior. But this isn’t what you need for yourself.

Be aware of yourself and make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercising. Do things that are going to make you feel good. Don’t let this immature person influence your entire well-being. 

Let it go and get back out there

You were ghosted, but you’re still breathing, right? That means you survived it. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but now you’ve come out of it a little stronger and wiser. It’s hard to let go when you feel disrespected and rejected by someone. But you’re going to have to overcome this situation and let it go.

I know, I know, letting isn’t easy, especially when you don’t get the closure you want. But you need to move on. Do not let someone’s selfish and immature behavior ruin your chance of finding a genuine connection with someone. They weren’t the person for you, and frankly, you dodged a bullet if this is how they behave when dealing with an uncomfortable situation. Get back out there, and keep doing your thing.

Learning how to get over someone who ghosted you isn’t going to be an easy venture. You’re going to have tough moments. But life is a journey and this is just a small part of your story.


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