Is Your Partner Moving Abroad for You? 8 Things You Must Know

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Moving overseas for your partner is a huge decision to make and a very brave one. Not many people would leave their friends and family to be with their partner. It’s a scary move to make, and you don’t really know if it’ll work out. And that’s a lot of pressure to have on yourself. But what if your partner moving abroad for you?

But about them? What about the person who’s waiting for you to arrive in their country? We tend to assume they’re not making any sacrifices for the relationship because it doesn’t look like they’re doing much. It’s easy to wait at the airport for your partner to move to your country. But that’s the wrong outlook to have. 

If you’re having your partner move to your country, there are some things you’ll need to know that’ll happen to you. As much as you think your partner is the only one who will struggle, think again. 

Expect a breakdown

The breakdown is going to happen whether you’re doing everything right or not. Your partner just made a huge life change, and it’s going to hit them eventually.

They’re going to be homesick, miss their old life, and this is something you need to prepare for. All you can do is support them during those moments and let them know they’re not alone. This is a huge change and an emotional journey they’ll need to go through.

You won’t have time off

Your partner just moved to your country, and odds are, they don’t have a job or friends to spend time with. You’re the only person they know. You need to make sure you dedicate your free time to them.

This may mean you will have to change your routine to spend more time with them until they’re comfortable and developing their own routine. 

Patience is key

There are going to be moments when your patience is running low. You’re not sure what to do, or if your partner should just go back home. But you need to be patient. Moving to a new country is incredibly difficult as they’re starting from zero. Be understanding and empathetic to their situation; it’s not easy. Patience is key because it will get better with time. 


Your relationship won’t survive unless you communicate with each other. How are they feeling? What are they emotionally going through? What do you need to do to help them adjust? You will never find out the answers to these questions unless you ask them. Make sure you and your partner are talking honestly about how they’re feeling. 

Their happiness isn’t up to you

You want to make your partner happy. Since they moved to you, you’re going to try to do everything in your power to make it work. But at some point, you’ll need to step back and let them go through the emotional process on their own. You cannot make them happy. Their happiness is up to them. Eventually, they’ll need to decide whether this is something they want or not. 

Put the time in

Once your partner comes to your country, it’s not over. The hard work has just begun. You’ll need to put the time into your relationship now. Your partner is in your country, going through their own emotional journey, and this means you’ll need to step it up. Invest the time into your partner, take them out on the weekends, spend the evenings with them.  

Don’t baby your partner

If you want your partner to adjust to living in a new country, don’t do everything for them. Of course, you’ll need to help them with many things, but they need to gain some independence and start to feel at home.

Since your partner is moving abroad for you, you may feel some guilt. But encourage them to do things on their own like shopping or working out. With time, they’ll build relationships and start to develop their own routine.

Don’t cancel yourself

While you should be spending time with your partner, you should also practice self-care. See your friends, go to the gym, do the things you enjoy.

It’s easy to give yourself completely to your partner as you feel bad that they’re homesick and lonely. But at the same time, you also need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and not alienating yourself from family and friends. 

If your partner is moving abroad for you, understand it’s not going to be an easy process for them. However, if you follow these tips, it’ll help smoothen their transition to their new home.


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