6 Tips For a Happy & Healthy Vagina

Vaginas are extremely sensitive and need all the TLC she can get. To make sure your vagina is in her best shape, here are some practical tips for a healthy vagina.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m writing about having a healthy vagina. Well, if your goal is to have a healthy relationship, you and/or your partner will need a healthy and happy vagina. 

Vaginas are extremely sensitive and need all the TLC she can get. If you don’t have a healthy vagina, it can negatively affect your physical and mental health – including your physical intimacy. 

So, to make sure your vagina is in her best shape, here are some practical tips for a healthy vagina.

1. Use only natural products to clean her

With so many products out there, the odds are you’re not using one that’s safe for your vagina. Most products are chemical produced with ingredients you can’t even read. And that’s not a good sign.

For a healthy vagina, keep it simple and basic. Natural soap will do the trick and won’t disrupt your vagina’s natural Ph level.

2. Double check what you stick in there

The sex toy world is an unregulated world. Many cheap toys are made from toxic and porous materials which can cause serious problems with your overall health. 

Whatever you’re considering sticking inside your vagina, I strongly recommend double-checking. Is your toy body safe? Is the company reputable? Did you wash that cucumber? Are your hands clean?

Asking yourself these questions can help prevent any infections from occurring and ensure you’re practicing safe sex, whether it’s with a partner or solo.

3. Get regular check ups

When was the last time you went to the doctor for a check-up? It’s extremely important to get regular check-ups at your local clinic. 

They will make sure everything is functioning as normal and that you don’t have any STIs. While you may think you’re STI-free, many women live with STIs and are completely unaware. 

Anything going on in your vagina can be easily treated and help improve your vagina’s overall health.

4. Use organic cotton tampons and pads

I know, when you go to the pharmacy, there’s really only a couple of brands for tampons and pads. But I’m telling you not to buy any of them. 

These mainstream products are not good for your vagina. Many of them use bleached cotton and fragrance, which can irritate your vagina and increase your chances of contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

Opt for organic cotton tampons and pads. There are also reusable tampons and pads, and menstrual cups. These are body-safe options that’ll help you maintain good vaginal health.

5. Speak with a local naturopath

The vagina is sensitive and many things can irritate it, whether it’s chemicals or heat. All these factors can lead to serious conditions like UTIs, STIs, and other infections. 

In other words, these are all things you don’t want your vagina to have. You want a healthy vagina, right?

While I’m supportive of Western medicine, I suggest speaking to a naturopath for non-pharmaceutical options to maintain your vaginal health. They can give you thorough information and natural recommendations for your vagina.

6. Check in with yourself

It’s time to reconnect with your vagina. Check in with yourself and see how your vagina is feeling. 

Is there something different? Does she have a smell? Is the discharge an unusual color?

You know your vagina. You know when something is off. Listen to your body and pay attention to any feeling or changes – those are all signs.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, you want a healthy vagina – who doesn’t? To help you maintain your vaginal health, follow the tips above. 


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