11 Signs It’s Time to End Your Relationship

If you’re thinking about ending your relationship, it’s not an easy decision to make. You’re probably debating whether or not it’s the right move to make. You love your partner, but something deep down is telling you that it’s not working anymore.

Of course, no one wants to go through a break-up—it’s a painful experience that takes months to heal from.

But if your relationship isn’t going down a healthy path, then you may need to end things. You deserve to be in a happy relationship and so does your partner.

So, here are the 11 signs it’s time to end your relationship.

You don’t trust each other anymore

There’s no trust in your relationship. Perhaps you both don’t trust each other, or you don’t trust them—whatever it is, your foundation is crumbling.

Your relationship can function unless you trust each other. If there’s a trust issue in your relationship, try seeking counselling. It’ll be able to help you see what’s going on in your relationship and if it’s salvageable.

But if you two cannot repair each other’s trust, then it’s time to move on.

Your needs aren’t being met

We all have our own needs that we want to be met in our relationships. These needs can be emotional, mental, or functional.

In a relationship, our partner should help to fulfill those needs. That said, they don’t know your needs unless you express them to your partner.

Now, if they’re trying to work on it, that’s great. But if your partner’s ignoring your needs or struggling to fulfill your needs, then it’s time to reevaluate your relationship.

Your seeking your needs elsewhere

While your partner isn’t able to fulfill your needs, instead of working on them together, you’re looking elsewhere.

What I mean is, you’re looking at other options. But this isn’t the right move to make. You’re going to end up doing something that you’ll regret.

If you’ve talked to your partner and cannot seem to work through these issues, then it’s time to see whether this relationship is right for you. Your needs are important and they need to be fulfilled.

Your friends and family don’t support your relationships

Now, of course, sometimes your family and friends aren’t 100% right. But they know you better than anyone else and only want the best for you.

Use your judgment and listen to their opinions, taking the time to see their point of view. Perhaps you can see why they believe the things they do.

Take the time to understand their perspective and then make a decision that best suits your needs. However, keep in mind, your family and friends want the best partner for you.

You feel you have to stay with your partner

I’ve heard couples say this all the time, “we’ve been together for so long, it would be pointless to end the relationship.” Hmm…do you see the problem with this?

Many couples are willing to stay in an unfulfilling relationship because of the time they’ve invested into it. Yet, the relationship isn’t for them.

You’ve been working on your relationship for over one year

You two have been working on your relationship for over one year. You both love each other and want to work things out.

You’re both putting in the effort and though there have been small changes, they’re not enough.

If this is the case, I strongly recommend going to see a couple’s therapist. They’ll be able to guide you through the process correctly.

However, if you’ve done all the work possible and there’s no solution, then it’s time to call it quits.

You don’t like your partner anymore

You just don’t like your partner anymore. They didn’t do anything bad to you, you still love them, but you don’t like them.

You can make it through the day-to-day activities, but you struggle pulling through as a couple when it comes to hard times.

But if you don’t like them anymore, why stick around?

Your partner is abusive

If there are any signs of abuse in your relationship, it’s time to end it. Yes, it’s extremely hard to move on from an abusive relationship, I know that from personal experience.

It took me four years to move on from my abusive ex. On the one hand, yes, he was abusive. But he would also show me affection, which confused me. However, if you love yourself, you’ll leave.

There’s resentment between you two

Just because there’s resentment in your relationship doesn’t mean it’s over. Many couples are able to work through their issues and overcome feelings of resentment.

But if you two are struggling to move past those feelings, that’s not a good sign. Signs of lingering resentment show that there are serious issues underlying your relationship.

You feel disconnected from other people

While your partner is your partner, they shouldn’t be the only and most important person in your life. Think about the last time you saw your family. Think about the last time you hung out with your friends?

If you’ve noticed you’ve withdrawn from socializing, look at why. Is your partner controlling? If so, it’s time to end the relationship.

You’re not happy anymore

You’re just not in the same place as you once were in your relationship. Perhaps nothing happened; you’ve simply grown apart. Not all relationships are meant to last forever. If you’re no longer happy in the relationship, that’s okay. If you’re not happy anymore, then why stick around?

What’s important is you take steps to free yourself from your relationship and move on to living an authentic life that fits your needs.


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