6 Ways to Nurture Intimacy in a Relationship

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If you want a long-lasting and happy relationship, there are a couple of elements you need. Naturally, you need passion, but also intimacy.

Now, intimacy isn’t purely sexual; it’s beyond that. Intimacy in a relationship is when both partners know each other, flaws and all.

The deeper intimacy you have, the stronger your relationship will be. So, if you’re lacking intimacy in your relationship, it’s not too late.

6 Ways to Nurture Intimacy in a Relationship

It’s time to be in the relationship you want to be in. So, here’s how to nurture and grow intimacy in a relationship.

Define what intimacy is for you

Intimacy isn’t the same for everyone. Your definition of being close to someone can be different from others, including your partner.

Think about how you define intimacy and the activities that make you feel closer with your partner. Intimacy can be:


Emotional intimacy is the feelings you personally share with your partner. This is when you open yourself up and be vulnerable with them. Through this, you build trust and security.


Intellectual intimacy is by getting to know your partner’s mind and allowing them into your mind as well. This is done through deep conversations and discussions that are important to you.


Spirituality is different for everyone. However, generally speaking, spirituality is about believing in something beyond the physical realm.

This form of intimacy can look like sharing similar religious or spiritual views and having common values.


Experiential intimacy is based on the quality time you spend with another person over hobbies and shared interests.


Physical intimacy doesn’t only mean sex. Physical intimacy can be seen through hand-holding, kissing, and cuddling. It’s these small actions that remind people they’re desired and loved.

Shake up the routine

If you’re lacking intimacy in your relationship, it’s time to shake things up a bit. We easily fall into a routine but this prevents us from experiencing new emotions together.

Intimacy in a relationship needs to be nurtured. Go on a holiday together, go on a random road trip, try a new hobby together. These minor interruptions add new emotions into the relationship.

Work on creating a safe space

If you want to increase intimacy in a relationship, both partners need to feel they’re in a safe space if they’re going to be vulnerable and open up.

If they feel they’re going to be judged, intimacy cannot be nurtured. Focus on creating a safe space for the two of you to freely express how you feel without judgment.

Make time to be together

Any couple can sit in front of the tv together, but that’s not intimacy. Intimacy in a relationship cannot be nurture unless you two are committed to investing your time in each other.

If your marriage lacks intimacy, start by looking at how much time you two spend together. But quality time. Do you go on dates? Do you have deep conversations together?

Talk about your relationship

How does your partner feel about your relationship? Do they feel your relationship or marriage lacks intimacy? The only way to find out what’s working and what’s not is by communicating with each other.

By seeing the areas you both need to work on, you can nurture more intimacy in your relationship.

Show your appreciation

Now, you don’t need to shower your partner with endless compliments. But, show your appreciation for them. To bring back intimacy in a relationship, your partner needs to feel appreciated and loved by you.

Showing gratitude doesn’t require much. It can be a verbal compliment or making them dinner one night.

Intimacy in a relationship isn’t something that comes overnight. It takes a lot of work, but once you’re both on the same page, your relationship will feel extremely rewarding.


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