6 Ways to Increase Physical Intimacy in Marriage

For many people, physical intimacy in marriage fades away. You have kids, work, and family, which chips away at your marriage. Many couples complain that the passion escapes their marriage, and things start to feel stale.

However, you can bring back the physical intimacy in marriage. It’s just going to take some work.

The Importance of Emotional Intimacy

Physical intimacy in marriage is important, but the foundation of this is based on emotional intimacy. Meaning, if you want to improve the physical aspect, you need to work on the emotional connection you have with your partner.

People want to feel needed in their relationships. However, in many marriages, overtime, people stop communicating effectively, which damages many levels in their relationship.

Sit down with your partner, and express the things you need from your relationship and what you want to work on. Have a discussion and see how they’re feeling about your relationship as well. From here, you can start to foster emotional intimacy, thus improving physical intimacy in a marriage.

6 Ways to Increase Physical Intimacy in Marriage

Make intimacy a priority

If you’re not making it a priority in your relationship, then it’s not going to improve. It’s as simple as that. Your relationship takes work and if you put it on the backburner, these issues will go unsolved.

Put the time in to foster physical intimacy in marriage. Turn off the tv, get a bottle of wine, put on some music, and set the mood. You know what your partner likes, so allow yourself to let go and enjoy.

Switch up the initiation of sex

Is your partner always the person to initiate intimacy? If so, maybe it’s time to switch things up. If you’re someone who doesn’t initiate sex, give it a try. If you’re someone who’s always initiating, let your partner take charge. Play around with the power dynamics to increase physical intimacy in marriage.

Build up physical intimacy

The best sex is when there’s built-up tension leading towards it. Don’t rush into sex; instead, take your time together, exploring each other’s bodies. Share your fantasies, prolong foreplay, and change where you have sex.

Also, include more physical touch in your day-to-day interactions. Give each other hugs, holds hands, and kiss.

Add more affection touch

Touch is crucial when building physical intimacy in marriage. Don’t hesitate to touch your partner. Give each other a back rub, rub your partner’s stomach, massage their neck. These forms of affection touch rebuild the passion and show desire.

Make quality time for your partner

If you have kids and work, it’s not easy making time for intimacy. You’re tired, your partner’s tired, and all you want to do is pass out in front of the couch. I get it.

But to improve physical intimacy in marriage, you’ll have to make time. Do activities together to bring lightness back into the relationship. Flirt, laugh and play intimacy games to bring back positivity.

Change the type of sex you have

You’re used to having a sexual routine; we all have a sexual routine. But when building physical intimacy in marriage, you need to add variation. Switch up the type of sex you have. If you’re used to gentle sex, try erotic positions and acts. Your sexual needs change throughout your life, so explore them.

Building physical intimacy in marriage isn’t easy; it’s going to take a lot of work, self-awareness, and communication. However, if you put the time in, it will pay off.


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