Benefits Of Going Naked More Often

woman naked in bed eating pizza and watching netflix on laptop

That’s right; it’s time for you to get naked more often. But before you get into your birthday suit (which I recommend), it’s important you understand why nudity is the key to a better life.

When Stress Overtakes Sex

couple kissing with woman sitting on kitchen counter

No matter what we do to reduce the stress in our lives, some things are simply out of our hands. And what usually happens, is that the stress affects our sex life.

The 4 Types of Intimacy in a Relationship

plus size female couple sitting in bed

So, what are the different types of intimacy in a relationship, you ask? I’m about to explain them to you right now. While reading, reflect on your relationship, the odds are you’re already practicing these forms of intimacy.

Why You Should Get Naked More Often

tanned legs of naked woman

Aside from the sexual element it’s tied to, sleeping naked actually comes with a load of health benefits. You don’t need to be in a relationship to reap the fruits of your nudeness.

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