The Difference Between Good Sex, Takeaway Sex & Ecstatic Sex

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When we're intimate with another person and opening ourselves sexually, there are 3 types of sex we can experience: good sex, takeaway sex, ecstatic sex.

Before I jump into the difference between good sex, takeaway sex, ecstatic sex, I want to talk about sex itself. 

No, I’m not going to lecture you on who to sleep with – that’s not why I’m here. But it’s really important that you’re making choices that align with you. 

One-night stands can be an emotional and pleasurable experience, one that you never forget. Meanwhile, the sex in your long-term relationship can be just as meaningful.

But what’s important is that you choose your partner carefully. Why? Because sex isn’t just a physical act, it’s an emotional one. You’re sharing the most intimate part of yourself with another person; you exchange energy with them. This is why sex is so impactful on us.

When we’re intimate with another person and opening ourselves sexually, there are 3 types of sex we can experience: good sex, takeaway sex, ecstatic sex.

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Good Sex, Takeaway Sex, Ecstatic Sex

Being sexual with another person is an experience, but what type of experience? Is it good sex, takeaway sex, ecstatic sex? 

If you’re not sure, keep reading to find out.

Good Sex (aka basic sex)

Good sex is exactly what you think it is. You share an intimate moment with someone you’re attracted to and feel good afterward. You don’t have an existential crisis after; you’re not on the phone crying to your friend, but your life hasn’t been changed either.

That’s what we can call good sex. It was neither bad nor amazing, just good (and that’s not bad sex to have, btw).

Takeaway Sex (aka vampire sex)

Now, this is the sex many of us have or are having. The sex is exciting and thrilling, but that’s it. There’s nothing of substance underneath, no genuine connection. 

If you’ve had a one-night stand or got drunk and hooked up with a random, this is probably the sex you had. Afterward, you felt empty.

Takeaway sex can happen between people who have unclear expectations of the relationship or are unsettled within themselves. 

If you’ve had sex with a person and you feel drained, wondering why you even did it, that’s takeaway sex. 

You should process that encounter and learn from the experience. That type of sex isn’t bringing you genuine pleasure, so it’s time to reflect and avoid engaging in that type of sex again.

Ecstatic Sex (aka the sex your wet dreams are made of)

Now, ecstatic sex is the sex you want to eventually have with another person. It’s emotional, deeply connected, and leaves you feeling on cloud nine. You feel open, on a natural high. This feeling doesn’t last for a night, it can last for months, even years within you.

This sex usually occurs when there’s vulnerability involved, which increases the intimacy between you and your partner. 

Ecstatic sex is the complete opposite of takeaway sex. And if you experience ecstatic sex, you know you’re on the right path.

Final Thoughts

How do you transition from good sex and takeaway sex to ecstatic sex? You focus on working on your self-worth and improving your relationship with yourself.

While you are having sex with another person, you’re the one choosing your partners. The difference between good sex, takeaway sex, ecstatic sex is immense and something you should work on improving intimacy in a relationship and your life.


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