Benefits Of Going Naked More Often

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That's right; it's time for you to get naked more often. But before you get into your birthday suit (which I recommend), it's important you understand why nudity is the key to a better life.

How often are you naked? But be honest. When you’re about to take a shower? When you’re changing into your pajamas? While in the media, being nude seems like something everyone does, the reality is most of us don’t go naked (even when the opportunity arises).

Only 29 percent of people report sleeping naked – that’s not many who strip down for the night. And those people are benefiting themselves in more ways than one. 

That’s right; it’s time for you to get naked more often. But before you get into your birthday suit (which I recommend), it’s important you understand why nudity is the key to a better life.

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Why You Should Get Naked More Often

So, why should you get naked more often? There are a few reasons why being nude is the way to go. Let’s get right to it. 

Nudity is healthy for your genitals

Whether you’re a man or woman, being nude is healthy for your genitals. 

For example, as a woman, the vagina is like the rainforest, it’s moist. When you go naked, your vagina can breathe.

For men, underwear can impact male fertility. Tight underwear heats up the area, damaging sperm. When you go naked, you decrease your body’s temperature, protecting your sperm (protect those little guys!).

Let your skin breathe

All-day, every day, we’re covered with clothing, shoes, etc. When does our skin have a chance to breathe? The answer is it doesn’t. 

When you go naked, you’re allowing your skin to breathe without being restricted by fabrics. 

Improve your sex life

There’s a reason why people call it “Netflix and Chill.” You’re in the perfect environment to get naughty. 

And when you get naked more often, you’re creating the setting for something to happen. Watch tv naked with your partner. The skin-to-skin contact will increase intimacy and connection.

Reconnect with your body

Many women and men struggle with self-image issues. We’re not comfortable with our bodies, constantly comparing them with unrealistic standards. 

But if you get naked more often, you can improve your self-esteem and reduce body image dissatisfaction. In other words, to love yourself more, get naked.

Now, you may not be able to always be naked, but when you have the chance, take off your clothes.

Get a deep night’s sleep

The key to deep sleep is creating an environment that hits the ideal temperature for your body. The best temperature for sleep is between 15.6 to 19.4 Celsius.

Now, you don’t need to walk around with a thermometer, all you need to do is get naked. Sleeping naked can help decrease your body’s temperature and help you fall asleep faster.

Final Thoughts

Getting naked may seem like a giant leap forward, but no one said self-development was easy. 

If you want to enjoy sex, grow into yourself, and learn to love the body you have, get naked more often.


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