How A Long Distance Relationship Makes You A Better Partner

If you're in a long-distance relationship, there's no doubt you're missing your partner. I get you. But in those moments, I like to think about how my relationship makes me a better person. Maybe you should too.

This isn’t a competition where I’m going to say long-distance relationships are better than regular relationships. This isn’t a race. I think both have their advantages and disadvantages. But, I will say this, my long-distance relationships had a greater impact on me as a person.

And I’ve been in my fair share of relationships, with and without distance in between. But there’s something about the distance that shifts your perspective. 

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, there’s no doubt you’re missing your partner. I get you. But in those moments, I like to think about how my relationship makes me a better person. Maybe you should too. 

How A Long Distance Relationship Makes You A Better Person

All relationships have their qualities (like I said, this ain’t a competition), but here’s how a long distance relationship makes you a better person.

It challenges you to speak up

Because of the distance, there’s a physical component that is lacking in your relationship. Yet, most of our communication is done non-verbally. And sometimes, talking over FaceTime or WhatsApp doesn’t fill that gap. So what do you have to do instead? Speak your mind. 

Instead of letting it brew inside of you, you learn to express yourself to avoid conflict and simply feel awful for the rest of the day. 

You appreciate the small things

When distance is involved, you learn to appreciate the small things. The good morning texts. The midnight phone calls. The picture posted of you two. Those are what make your relationship.

Sure, these are small gestures, but when you’re apart, they mean the world to you. And as you move to close the gap, you don’t forget to appreciate the small things in your relationship as those are what matter.

You learn to trust – but really trust someone

I mean, let’s be honest. I’m not trying to scare you, but you really have no idea what your partner is doing in a long-distance relationship. And yet, you trust them.

A long-distance relationship really puts trust to the test – if you can’t trust your partner, it won’t work. 

It brings out the best (and worst) of you

Some days you’re thrilled with happiness that you have them as your partner, and other days you’re miserable that you can’t see them. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. 

In my first long-distance relationship, I remember some days I would just cry in front of Skype. I was aching for my partner. It really exposes all the sides of you – so you get to know yourself really well. 

You get creative

How can you and your partner spend another night via FaceTime and stay entertained? Dinner and a movie? Think again. Regular couples have many options when it comes to spending time together. In comparison, long-distance couples need to get creative.

If anything, you become very creative and find different ways to connect with your partner. 

You push yourself emotionally

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’re basically saying to yourself, “for sure, I would love to see all the different emotions I have inside of me.”

And for many people, it’s scary. This is why many couples stop their relationship. It takes vulnerability, honesty, and trust to be in a long-distance relationship. These are all qualities you learn by going through your emotions.

You learn more about the world

Your partner may live across the ocean, and if you didn’t meet them, you probably wouldn’t have any interest in their culture or country. But now you do. Now you’re invested in learning more about them and where they come from. 

Many people don’t get to experience this in a regular relationship.

You learn how to prioritize

In regular relationships, you can juggle a lot of things at once. Sure, you may not see your partner for a week or so, but you manage. However, in long-distance relationships, your main goal is to see each other. Everything you do is based on seeing and talking to your partner again. 

I’m not saying that’s the best idea (you know, you need to work and go to school too!), it does show you how powerful you are when you put your mind to something to value. You’re a beast.

You value time

The time you spend with your partner is precious. Every moment is absorbed into your memory, and you hold on to those moments until you see them again. Sure, you may bicker here and there, but you understand how quickly time passes and that each moment should be cherished.

Final Thoughts

I know the whole “time should be cherished” is a wee bit cheesy, but whatever. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’re a hopeless romantic anyways. Who else can do this crazy thing?

What’s important is you take time to reflect on your relationship and see how it’s making you feel. Considering counselling relationship can always help as well.


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