Red Flags In Dating A Woman

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if you're a guy trying to find love and you see the red flags I'm going to show you below. This article is intended to help you recognize red flags and prevent yourself from entering a toxic relationship.

I’m the first to say that as a woman, I know we’re not perfect (even though we love to joke about it). And let’s get one thing straight, no man or woman is perfect. That’s right; we’re all flawed! That said, when it comes to love, there are some red flags in dating a woman. 

When I was single, I didn’t realize that I had my own set of red flags that men were taking note of. I was indecisive, flaky, and was absorbed. Those were the issues I didn’t see until I met my current partner. 

But before then, I couldn’t seem to keep a steady relationship and had no idea why. It took me some time to decide to do some serious self-reflection and work on those issues myself. 

In other words, if you’re a guy trying to find love and you see the red flags I’m going to show you below, understand that the will to change lies in her hands. If she values the relationship and wants to work on her issues, great. If not, then take these red flags as a sign that she’s not for you. 

Isn’t dating fun? Here are the red flags in dating a woman to look out for.

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7 Red flags in Dating a Woman 

This isn’t some “I hate women” article – I’m a woman myself. Both men and women can be toxic.

Rather, this article is intended to help you recognize red flags and prevent yourself from entering a toxic relationship

You’ve caught her lying already

You haven’t been dating her for too long, and you’re already catching her lies. 

Now, we all tell white lies here and there. Of course, you’re not going to tell someone they got fat, so you make a white lie in order to protect the person’s feelings. I get it. 

But she lies about telling you where she is or who she’s with. If you notice these lies, it can affect the foundation of your relationship – trust.

She likes to put you down

You’ll catch her making condescending comments about you. Whether it’s “you’re an idiot,” or “you’ll never find someone better than me,” or “you should be happy I’m with someone like you,” these comments do nothing more than break you down. 

Did you know this is emotional abuse? 

 Yup. If you notice these comments coming out of her mouth, run. Don’t walk, don’t wave goodbye, run. 

By saying these things, she’s trying to push you down and keep you in the relationship because, in reality, she’s the insecure one.

It’s her way or the highway

Hit the road, Jack. If it’s her way or the highway, trust me, take the highway and never look back. 

Listen, I’ll be the first to say everyone likes to get their way. Who doesn’t? But most of us realize that we won’t always get our way, and that’s okay. 

In a relationship, it’s not a one-way street. There are going to be times when you’re going to compromise and meet halfway. An unwillingness to compromise is a huge red flag. 

She’s not being a team player; instead, she wants a partner who will follow her around like a dog. Your needs will never be met because they don’t matter to her. 

When there’s a hard decision to make, she runs away

No one likes making hard decisions, but we make them. You don’t want a partner who runs away when she needs to face something challenging or uncomfortable. 

If she walks away from a hard discussion with you and either ignores you or gets defensive, this is a red flag.

Life is hard, and you want a partner who can face those moments next to you. If not, you’ll be facing them alone. And then what’s the point of being with her?

She’s extremely jealous

I’m not talking about making a joke here or there about you checking out another woman. I’m talking about her taking your phone and demanding your password – that’s extreme jealousy and controlling behavior. 

You may think it’s not a big deal in the beginning, but it is, and it will only get worse. 

If you need to constantly update her where you are and who you’re with, you’re living under the control of another person. 

She doesn’t communicate her thoughts of feelings to you

When she’s upset with you, she doesn’t tell you. Instead, she’ll become moody and passively-aggressively hint at what you did to piss her off. I’m sorry, but is she 5-years-old?

Passive aggressiveness shows a lack of emotional maturity and serious communication issues. 

Communication is one of the building blocks of a healthy relationship. You both should feel comfortable and free to say your opinion and feelings. 

It doesn’t look like she’s over her ex

If this is just a fling, then it’s not such a big deal as you don’t see this going anywhere. But if you’re goo-goo-ga-ga for this chick and she’s not fully into the relationship…red flag!

This is not okay if she talks about her ex a lot and communicates with him in a sketchy way ( for example, flirts with him).

Firstly, it’s disrespectful towards you and the relationship and secondly, it shows that she’s not over him.

Final Thoughts

In dating writing, knowing the red flags in dating a woman is important.

You need to protect yourself and make sure the person you’re giving yourself to has the right intentions. If not, you’re going to get hurt. 


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